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Welcome to Rwanda

Come see landscapes that will take your breath away, rich history, and delicious food, your trip to Rwanda will be nothing short of unforgettable
Get ready to explore beautiful destinations, learn about the Rwandan culture and savour a delicius cuisine. History, art, sport, relaxation, well-being and above all food for the body and soul. Rwanda is the ideal Country in which to relax and recharge, without sacrificing any fun.

National Parks

See more, live more and feel more in Rwanda.

Come and make new stories and share moments you’ll never forget.

it’s possible to experience an extraordinary range of wildlife and landscapes thanks to the country’s relatively small size and biodiversity.

Akagera National Park
Nyungwe National Park
Volcanoes National Park
Gishwati Mukura National Park

Gorilla Tracking

Come and experience the unique opportunity to see gorillas in their natural habitat is unforgettable, some even say life changing. Encounters with gorillas as they go about their daily lives are carefully managed, with expert trackers and guides leading small groups of tourists up bamboo-covered slopes to spend a precious and awe-inspiring hour just a few feet away from the gentle creatures.


Sports & Adventure

Come and make new stories and share moments you'll never forget.


The land of a thousand hills is an excellent destination for off-the-beaten-track cycling, with almost endless trails and roads criss-crossing the territory.


A relatively new sport in Rwanda, the Rwanda Cricket Association was formed in 1999 and the game is now played by almost 5,000 individuals.


Time Zone

Central Africa Time
(GMT/UTC + 2 hours)

Official Languages



Rwandan Franc(Rwf)


13 Million

Homegrown Initiatives


The word Umuganda can be translated as ‘coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome’. In traditional Rwandan culture, members of the community would call upon their family, friends and neighbors to help them complete a difficult task.


As part of efforts to reconstruct Rwanda and nurture a shared national identity, the Government of Rwanda drew on traditional practices in Rwandan culture to adapt its development programmes to the country’s needs and context.


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