Kayaking in Rwanda – Enjoy the tranquility

You will love Kayaking in Rwanda. Exploring the coastline of Lake Kivu by kayak is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the scenery, gazing up at the mountainous backdrop from the tranquility of the water.

Birds dart in and out of the bushes whilst fisherman mend their nets on the shore in the daytime. At sunset, the local fishermen paddle out in unison, their rousing song carrying across the water, to return the next morning with their catch.

The clear, clean lake has an irregular shoreline, with plenty of sandy beaches, as well as little islands to investigate. There are no hippos or crocodiles, making for safe paddling.

Kayaking in Rwanda
Kayaking in Rwanda

Various waterside hotels have watersports equipment, including Cormoran Lodge and Moriah Hills, both in Karongi, as well as Serena Hotel in Rubavu.

Kingfisher Journeys organizes dedicated excursions, ranging from a couple of hours to two to three days. Highlights include a sunset kayak with the singing fishermen and exploring the coffee islands, with an overnight stay on a plantation.

Kingfisher Journeys also offers stand-up paddleboarding on Lake Kivu and canoeing along the Mukungwa River in the foothills of the Virunga Volcanoes, an area abundant with birds.

No experience is needed and whilst there are trips running almost every day, it’s a good idea to book in advance.

Explore Lake Kivu’s scenic shores on a short excursion, to find tranquility on the clean, warm water, meet the fisherfolk at sunset as they paddle out for night fishing. Go on a day trip where you’ll stop for lunch on a small island or on an overnight adventure staying at remote campsites on uninhabited islands, guesthouses, or lodges to discover authentic coffee experiences, markets, and the most amazing scenery.

​With a vibrant waterfront and relaxed atmosphere, Gisenyi in Rubavu District, is a popular resort town at the north of Lake Kivu. Driving time: 4 hours from Kigali.

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