Nyungwe Canopy Walkway

Suspended above a ravine in the lush montane rainforest of Nyungwe National Park, the Nyungwe canopy walkway provides an exhilarating perspective on the ancient treetops and wildlife.

The 160m long and 70m high suspension bridge is accessible as part of a guided tour along the Igishigishigi trail, or to those hiking the Imbaraga or Umuyove trails.

Having escaped the last ice age, the Nyungwe forest is a hotbed of biodiversity. Along the hour’s walk to the canopy walkway from the Uwinka Reception Centre, visitors will see countless butterflies, orchids, and colorful birds, including many endemic to the region.

Nyungwe Canopy Walkway
Nyungwe Canopy Walkway

Thirteen species of primate live in Nyungwe, so a chance encounter isn’t out of the question, although those wishing to seek them out should opt for a dedicated primate visit.

The steep forested slopes have well-maintained footpaths, which can become muddy, especially after rain.

The walk on the canopy walk offers its walkers great views of the great East African region, Lake Kivu, and the different sections of the Nyungwe forest as they spot the different animals, birds, insects, reptiles, and amphibians that live in the forest.

For your walk, you need to wear hiking shoes or boots, a rain jacket, a snack if you must especially for children, a bottle of water and of course your camera to capture the memorable moments.

It’s also advisable to be in good health before you take the walk; if you don’t feel well or if you have a sickness that may be worsened by the walk; you can excuse yourself from the walk and try other activities that are in Nyungwe National Park.

That said the canopy walk is the perfect adventure for anyone who loves a good adrenaline rush, nature enthusiasts and risk-takers; but don’t be alarmed, it’s safe for anyone who wishes to take part in the walk.

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